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Parking Services in Lefkada

  • 5 floating pontoons totaling 70 meters, offering self-service boat cleaning, pressure washer, water, electricity, CCTV cameras, parking for your cars, and Wi-Fi.
  • Service for gasoline and diesel fuel is available on request. Possibility of mooring for boats from 5 meters up to 30 meters, with moorings.
  • Service for scooter, car, and cab rental to various destinations, along with mechanical and electronic support.

Number of berths: 30

Type of berthing: Mooring line

Depth: 2 – 15 meters

Max length: 30 meters

Berthing assistance: Yes

– Electricity
– Water
– Fuel (on request)
– Wi-Fi
– Shuttle Taxi service

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Geni Village & Geni Peninsula

Lefkada Geni

Geni is a small fishing village in the bay, south of Nidri. It is located in a secluded bay, surrounded by beautiful green mountains. In the summer, hundreds of yachts, fishing boats, and sailboats moor here.

Geni lies opposite Nidri, on a green peninsula. On the other side of the peninsula lies the island of Skorpios, and a little further south, the island of Meganisi. On the northern tip of the Geni peninsula stands the church of Agia Kyriaki, directly across from Nidri.

Geni itself is quiet and small, with fewer than 100 permanent residents. However, it is situated in a fantastic area where many sailing boats moor.

Dotted with luxury villas and stylish waterfront tavernas, Geni is considered the more “exclusive” area of Nidri. Covered in dense forests pierced by olive and citrus groves, the eastern hillsides of Geni offer views across to Meganissi and the other offshore islets of Lefkada, while the western slopes overlook Vlycho Bay and the popular holiday resort at Nidri.

The village of Geni, which lends its name to the bay, is a charming quayside mooring place.

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